Firstly, let me thank you for taking the time to learn about us, we are honored that you're considering School City Portal.

All schools, regardless of size and location have access to the best school administrative tools to manage their school records, communicate and transact with parents.
We only monetize at the junction where schools derive value and benefit, not by limiting access to certain features.

Initial setup payment
Irrespective of size or location, we charge flat rate of N80,000 as installation fee and portal setup

Result Checking and Printing
We bill a flat rate of N200 (Two hundred Naira) for all the results computed on the portal. In order words we bill schools N200 per student, per term.

Computer Based Test (CBT)
We bill flat rate of N200 per student for the CBT conducted on the school portal.

Scratch Cards
Scratch card usage is optional and can be enabled/disabled from the control panel settings. i.e, Schools can decide to use our paid feature (Result Checking, Computer Based Test, Mock, and Online Registration) with or without scratch cards.
Schools that wants to enable scratch card usage can print the scratch cards by themselves. If the school wants us to print the scratch cards for them, we will bill N70 for each scratch card we produce for schools.

All member schools can use School-City Portal with its fully functional features without limitations, provided the school complies with all the terms of use of the portal services.
School-City Portal services can be used for both personal and commercial benefit provided that you keep all legal measures.

"A customer will pay for a feature for a month, they'll pay for benefits for a lifetime."