School-City Portal®(SCP)

School directory built with customizable school management solution and customer communication platform packed with premium features
that facilitates paperless administration of schools and enhance educational processes using innovative technologies.


Easy set-up • Secure • 24/7 Support​

School-City Portal® is a school directory that offers the most trusted, efficient and secure web based school management software that streamlines and simplifies school management processes by integrating all school administrative tasks into one user-friendly database designed to meet all your needs to run a 21st century school without worries about datacenter management.

It's Unique and Innovative Features are not limited to free school listing on the School-City Network, free school website with live chat support, social media sharing, students termly and cumulative academic performance reports, performance analysis, Computer Based Test, e-Learning, e-Library, SMS/Email notifications, school fees management, advert management, attendance report, hostel management, student information management, class management, scratch card integration, payroll, students portal, teachers portal, parents portal, principal portal, bursar portal, manager/proprietor portal and many more..

Why Choose School-City Portal

paperless administration of schools and enhanced educational process.


School-City Portal® has students portal, teachers portal, parents portal, principals portal, bursars portal and the managers/proprietors portal. These portals are designed to work and interact together so as to streamline school management and learning processes by integrating all school administrative tasks into one user-friendly database designed to securely manage and keep your managerial records organized and accessible at all time and any where using mobile phones, laptops or any internet enabled device.


Chat with the visitors on your school website - they'll love you for it..
Parents have questions before they enroll their children into your school. Be where they are, when they need you, so they have the confidence they need to choose your school. School-City has and supports various live chat tools to help you chat directly with the visitors on your school website.


The Huge Benefit you get as a school owner that uses School-City is to get paid for owning a school. With School-City Premium”, your school will be listed on the School-City Network as “verified”. Thus, build initial trust and confidence needed by prospective parents/students to choose your school over others.
School Owners and Managers have full access to our proven methods and guarantied ways on “how to help and make parents pay school fees on time without stress” and “How to make over N1,000,000 extra income every term as a school owner or manager”.
Yes..!! ,  It’s true..!!  and Its guaranteed..!!!


24*7 Dedicated Support Team

Our award-winning, friendly and trained School-City support team is ever ready to help you. Their help is always available on phone call, e-mail, text, WhatsApp Chat, Live Chat & On premises.

Fully Cutomizable

Fully Customizable School ERP

We are the only school management software system that allows customization of all its modules and apps. In other words, School-City Portal will adjust to the needs of any school.


Fully Secure School Software

We are committed to being a good custodian of school and student data. We take all possible steps to protect your school data and ensure it is safe and available.

Unique And Innovative Features

Designed to maximize flexibility and functionality.

School-City Portal® School Management software is a secure, flexible and powerful cloud-based software for schools that comes with advanced features needed to run and manage a 21st century school.
  • The system can be fully customized as per school need through its inbuilt control panel.
  • The system is mobile phones responsive and comes with a parent app in the school's name, an app for teachers, and an admin app.
  • It is designed to meet satisfaction and comes with inbuilt data safety.  
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    All registered schools can use School-City Portal with its fully functional features without limitation provided the school complies with all the terms of use of the portal services.
    School-City Portal services can be used for both personal and commercial benefit provided that you keep all legal measures.
    Previously used School Information Management Systems can be successfully migrated to School-City.


    School-City Portal® - a smart School Management Software

    Every school around the world needs one or other kind of management system or school management system. Most of the schools have used one or other kind of system, however due to limitations of features, product experience or customer support problems they end up looking for better options.
    School-City Portal is a school management solution that brings the best of technology and innovations to provide 360 degree experience to schools and improve productivity of administrative staff and management team - Proprietor, Manager, principal, bursar, teachers, parents and students.

    You are a school Owner/Manager, You're not an IT or datacenter manager. You know your school business and you are good at it. Let us help you get back to your main focus which is students academic progress and success without worrying about students and teachers records and reports.

    We provide 24/7 customer support.

    Please feel free to WhatsApp us at +2348035466168 .

    We've helped many schools in Africa overcome their peculiar challenges with our indigenous and world-class school management software.
    Our personnels are always available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from multiple locations around the world.
    Our online support system guarantees the availability of expert personnel at all times, allowing us to deliver quick and efficient answers to your questions and concerns.

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    Unique And Innovative Features

    Full-featured & customizable suite for your school administrative needs.

    We understand your school needs and we have provided you with everything you need to run a 21st century school without stress.

    • Admission

      Admission management

    • Class Management

      Students & Promotion Management

    • Class Time Table

      Time Table for every class

    • Computer Based Test

      CAs, Test, Exams & Mock

    • Virtual Classroom

      Virtual Classroom & Video tutorials

    • Lesson Note

      Digitalized Lesson Note

    • Homework

      Homework & Projects

    • Customized Reportsheet

      With Positioning, Average & Grading

    • School Fees & Accounting

      Track Payments & Debts

    • Staff Profiling & Payroll

      Staff Management & Payroll

    • SMS/Email & Live Chat

      Respond to complains in real time

    • School Website

      Biuld a custom website for your school


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